About Us

When I was a little boy, I used to go to antique auctions with my Grandfather. He would buy brass candlesticks for his collection, old Victrola players, box lots of unusual finds, and items that I, as a kid, had no idea what it was. Little did I know that my Grandfather infected me with the antique and vintage collectible disease that would raise its powerful addiction years later now that I am at his age in life of those times gone by.

Due to a move from a larger home, I started to dabble in collectibles and items to sell in order to “get rid of stuff”!

In 2012, my first booth was opened at the Antiques on the Farmington, Collinsville. I convinced the owners that I had great stuff to sell, though was still a bit unsure if the items really would sell.

The rest, as they say, is history. The booth was expanded to 3 booths, making it the largest linear dealer booth in the shop. With the upstart of LP’s, the selection was expanded from 2 crates and a few hundred LP’s to over 3,000 LP’s.

Stereo equipment, speakers, turntables and guitar amps were added. Oh, I was on a roll.

Then there is the toy section, bottles (one of the items I did collect for the looks, but not very knowledgeable about them), military items, small furniture and Hitchcock items, artwork, and anything that appeared unusual.

But I wasn’t finished. In my infinite wisdom, I thought that a booth in a dealer co-op in Old Saybrook, The Trove, would be really interesting and nice. After all, if I could develop a second location, I should do better, and besides, when stocking I’d have the chance to visit the shoreline.

The new booth opened in September of 2018, then expanded due to the fortunate event of having the adjacent booth available the following month. Thus, the second location has similar items to the original booth, but also has some of its own unique and nautical items for the shoreline community.

Now, things fell into place for the next step, Décor Services. Working with designers, agents, and businesses we can now provide products (unique finds) for their needs. With the connections I have, “we’ll find it if I don’t have it”.

So, that’s my story, and as my wife says, “…and I’m sticking to it”.

Any questions, contact me on my contact page.